16 VAC 30-30-20 Designated Representatives
2018 MFS Ground Rules
2020 Medical Fee Schedule Final Summary of Changes
2020 Medical Fee Schedules Ground Rules
2022 Medical Fee Schedules Ground Rules
2024 Holiday Calendar
2024 Medical Fee Schedules Ground Rules
2024 Medical Fee Schedules Summary of Changes
3.0 EDI Edit Matrix
3.0 EDI Element Requirement Table
3.0 EDI Event Table
3.1 Edit Matrix
3.1 Element Requirements Table
3.1 Event Table
3.1 Implementation Guide
3.1 Sequencing Table
3.1 Test Feedback Request
3.1 Test Plan
Across State Lines Insurance Coverage
ADR Brochure
Award of Attorney Fees for Recovered Medical Payments
Benefits of Self-Insurance WebFile
Claim Event Flow
Claims and Adjudication Processes
Claims and Hearings Flow Chart
Claims Services Quick Reference Guide
CLERICAL UPDATE: Post Publication of the Final 2020 MFS
Completed Wage Chart
Completed Wage Chart (8+ Days)
Contractor Information Sheet
COVID-19 FAQs and Claims Information
COVID-19 Screening Checklist
Create WebFile Username
Customer Contact Center FAQs
E-Billing Regulation
EDI Catchup Business Scenarios
EDI Catchup Process for Older Claims
EDI IG Change Log
EDI Implementation Guide
EDI Processing Schedule
EDI Quick Codes Sheet
EDI Training Aid #1 - FROI Key Event Matrix
EDI Training Aid #10 - FROI 01 Cancel Transaction
EDI Training Aid #11 - Reporting of Compromise Settlements
EDI Training Aid #12 - Transaction Rejection
EDI Training Aid #13 - Occupational Disease Claims
EDI Training Aid #14 - Interpreting EDI Reporting Requirements
EDI Training Aid #15 - Acquired Claims
EDI Training Aid #16 - Trading Partner Registration
EDI Training Aid #2 - SROI Key Event Matrix
EDI Training Aid #3 - Quick Code Reference List
EDI Training Aid #4 - Employee ID
EDI Training Aid #5 - Reporting of Attorney Fees
EDI Training Aid #6 - Helpful Guidelines for PY Transactions
EDI Training Aid #7 - Benefit Segment
EDI Training Aid #8 - Payment Segment
EDI Training Aid #9 - Duplicate JCNs and Consolidation
EDI Training Aids Packet
EDI UR Requirement Table
Electronic Billing and Payment Companion Guide
Employer FAQs
Employer's Workplace Notice (Form 1)
Expedited Hearing Docket
Fax Policy
File Copying Policy
Filing a 16A
Filing a 17A
Filing a 61A
Filing Appeals
FOIA Policy
Foreign Attorneys
Foreign Language Interpreters
General FAQs
GSIA Association List
GSIA Requirements
Hearing Loss Table
HIPAA Privacy Regulations
Injured Worker FAQs
Injured Worker's Benefits Guide
Injured Workers Guide
Injured Workers Guide - Spanish
Joining a Webex Meeting
Marketing Guidelines
Mediation Policies
Medical Community Regions Map
Medical Fee Dispute Resolution Process
Medical Fee Schedule Biennial Review Timeline
Medical Fee Schedule Dispute Resolution Process
Medical Fee Schedule Ground Rules Document Update Notice
Medical Fee Schedule Overview and Methodology
Medical Fee Schedule Project Timeline
Medical Fee Schedule Regulations
Medical Fee Schedule Transition Review Timeline
Medical Fee Schedule Update Notice
MFS Biennial Review Timeline - 2024
MFS Calculator Reference Manual
MFS CPI-U Policy Statement
Notice Risk to Coal Miners (Form VWC-1B)
Noticia Sobre Compensacion Laboral (Employer's Workplace Notice - Spanish Version)
Order Regarding Medical Records and Designations
Overview of Self-Insurance Requirement (Form SI23)
PEO Acknowledgement
Petition and Order Requirements
Policy HR-1.40, Code of Ethics
Preparing and Filing Settlement Documents
Proposed Amended MFS Regulations
Rates (Min-Max Benefits, COLA, Mileage)
Reporting an Accident
Review Instructions
Revised Medical Fee Schedule Regulations Effective 1-1-2024
Revised MFS Regulations
Rules of the Commission
Sample Attorney Fee Agreement
Sample Attorney Info Letter - Disputed Claim
Sample Attorney Info Letter - Open Award
Sample Certification of Translation
Sample GSIA Report
Sample Petition
Sample Pro Se Info Letter
Sample Pro Se Info Letter in Fatal Case
Self-Insurance Contact Information
Self-Insurance Quick Reference Guide
Self-Insurance WebFile FAQs
Snellen's Chart
State Holidays 2023-2024
Summary of Changes 2022 MFS
Telephone Disclosure Guidelines
Tips for Telephone Mediations
Transition Timelines Release 3.0 to Release 3.1
Variance Notification Example
Video Hearings FAQ
Virginia Medical Fee Schedules Ground Rules
Virginia Property and Casualty Guidelines Handbook
Vocational Rehabilitation Guidelines
VWC Commission Meeting Schedule
VWC Glossary of Terms
Webex System Requirements
WebFile - Paperless Option for Attorneys
WebFile - Paperless Option for Claim Administrators
WebFile - Paperless Option for Claimants
WebFile Guide for Attorney Site Administrators
WebFile Guide for Attorneys
WebFile Guide for Claim Administrators
WebFile Guide for Claimants
WebFile Guide for GSIAs
WebFile Guide for PEOs
WebFile Guide for Records Retention
WebFile Guide for Self-Insurers
WebFile Paperless Terms and Conditions
WebFile Terms and Conditions
Workers' Compensation Brochure
Workers' Compensation Insurance Information for Employers