Professional Employer Organizations (PEOs)

A Professional Employer Organization (PEO) enters into a written agreement to provide professional employer services to one or more client companies. PEOs are required to register with the Commission prior to transacting business in Virginia.


The Commission provides an online tool, WebFile for PEOs to register themselves, register clients and to fulfill filing requirements with the Commission. PEOs must register themselves and each client prior to servicing them in Virginia.

Annual Requirements

Professional Employer Organizations are required to annually report to the Commission. They are also assessed an annual fee by the Commission.


Professional Employer Organization requirements are found in Va. Code §65.2-803.1 and in the Commission’s regulations beginning at 16 VAC 30-100-10.


A professional employer organization that provides workers' compensation insurance for its co-employees may secure such insurance in the voluntary market under a master workers' compensation insurance policy in the name of the professional employer organization. Insurance is not available through the Commission. It may be obtained from an insurance agent or insurer. For a PEO based out of state with an existing out of state policy, Virginia 3A endorsement is required on the policy.

How to Register

To become registered as a PEO in Virginia, click the link below, then complete and submit the WebFile access form. Once WebFile access is granted, the WebFile Guide for PEOs will assist you in navigating through the PEO registration application. If you need assistance, please contact the Insurance Department at (804) 205-3586 or email

The Commission is only able to respond via email in English. If you would like further assistance related to PEO inquiries, please contact 804-205-3586.

La Comisión solo puede responder por correo electrónico en inglés. Si desea obtener más ayuda relacionada con consultas de PEO, comuníquese al 804-205-3586.