WebFile Paperless Terms and Conditions


 By choosing the Paperless Option, the user agrees to be bound by and adhere to the following terms and conditions:

  1. The user agrees to accept receipt of electronic notifications from the Commission in lieu of hard-copy paper documents and notices sent via U.S. Mail for all documents and notices issued by the Commission or filed with the Commission by adverse parties.
  2. The user agrees that receipt of electronic notifications from the Commission satisfies the requirements of Va. Code Sec. 65.2-715.
  3. The user agrees to send to adverse parties who have not selected the Paperless Option a hardcopy paper version of any filing that the user makes with the Commission.
  4. The user shall not use WebFile as a means to send documents that are not required to be filed with the Commission to other litigants.
  5. The user agrees to notify the Commission immediately of any change in the user’s e-mail address and acknowledges that the failure to do so may result in the failure to receive important documents and notices and the expiration of important deadlines.
  6. The user acknowledges that selection of the Paperless Option will apply to all files with which the user is associated in WebFile; the Paperless Option is not available for select files.
  7. Virginia Workers’ Compensation can send and troubleshoot any issues with emails that leave our server. However, delivery of emails to outside servers is beyond the control of Virginia Workers’ Compensation. The user agrees the responsibility and troubleshooting of their email server is their responsibility.
  8. The user agrees to be bound by all other WebFile Terms and Conditions.