COLA / Benefits Calculator

Please click the link below to use VWC’s new benefit calculator application. As of 04/23/2015, the Commission no longer supports or updates the previously available desktop application.

A few benefits of the new application include:

  • It runs entirely in a web browser, so there is no need to download and install an application.
  • It will be updated by the Commission as new rates are determined each year, so there will be no need to download annual updates.
  • Commission employees and external users will be using the exact same application, eliminating the possibility of calculation differences due to external users not having the most recent version of the application.

Since the application runs in a web browser, there are a few technical requirements:

  • The browser must have JavaScript enabled.
  • VWC supports Internet Explorer version 9 and above. The calculator will not work with a browser below IE9, or IE9 with compatibility mode enabled on the page.
  • For more information on how to identify browser versions or whether JavaScript is enabled, see the main page of the new application.

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